The Terpene Myrcene

Remember the Christmas story, where the Wise Men brought frankincense and myrrh? It turns out there may have been a lot of good reasons for that. The terpene myrcene dominates myrrh, and it has beneficial uses for both mom and baby. Let’s see what the terpene myrcene could do for you and what hemp strains have high percentages.

Terpenes 101

Almost all plants have terpenes. The essential oils of these plants are made of terpenes and are why each oil has a unique fragrance profile. This means terpenes occur naturally in cannabis and hemp. The different combinations of terpenes determine how a particular strain makes you feel and also its flavor.

Unlike Limonene, Myrcene terpene has an earthy, musky fragrance and flavor. Lemongrass and ylang ylang essential oils contain large amounts of myrcene, which some aromatherapists suggest for anxiety and stress. 

The Terpene Myrcene-Effects

Some strains can make you feel happy and giggly, while others make you feel glued to the couch (otherwise known as “couch-lock”). Couch lock is typically caused by the terpene myrcene, which is the most prominent terpene in cannabis and hemp.

Hops, a staple of beer-making, and mango also contain myrcene to no small degree. Myrcene vaporizes at 334°F.

Nerd Corner

For you science nerds, myrcene’s (𝛽-myrcene) formula is C10H16, and the structure looks like this:

Terpene Myrcene

Myrcene is found in the essential oils of hops plants, bay, wild thyme, cannabis (including hemp), and—of course—myrrh. The perfume industry is very fond of it due to its use in preparing other fragrances. Its molecular weight is 136.23 g/mol, which means it can pass into the skin (500 is the limit), making it a useful transdermal agent.

Benefits of Myrcene-What Does Myrcene Do?

Science nerds or not, everyone can appreciate the benefits of myrcene. Ancient Middle Easterners and Asians used it as an analgesic that is said to be more potent than some opiates and not addictive. The ancients may have also used it for its ability to aid in blood clotting, which would have helped in the manger considerably.

Some studies show myrcene has promise as an anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, and antioxidant effect. It has shown so much promise in protecting skin from ultraviolet skin damage that it could be a useful additive to sunscreen products. 

Although additional studies are called for, myrcene has been shown to have a sedative effect at high doses, reducing activity in laboratory animals. 

Enhancing the “High”

Although the terpene myrcene won’t get you high by itself, it may be able to cross the blood-brain barrier and aid in the allowance of other cannabinoids into the brain. Some feel that additional myrcene could enhance a marijuana high, but taken alone, it will not do anything. However, as a sedative enhancer, more studies need to be done to determine this with certainty.

CBD Strains High in the Terpene Myrcene

If you’re looking for a particular CBD strain with a lot of myrcene, Lifter, Wine Widow, AC/DC, and Harlequin are all excellent choices. You can also find terpene enhanced products online with a little shopping around. 

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What would you use myrcene for? Leave us a comment below, along with any questions you may have about the terpene myrcene.


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