CBD Oil Drops and Where to Get Them
CBD full spectrum oil drops are a popular option because they can be taken orally. This means that you don’t have to worry about inhalation or other inconvenient/messy/unhealthy intake methods. CBD oil drops can also be a very potent form of CBD, so if you’re looking for something strong but still easy to take on the go, these are a great choice! This article will discuss what they are, their benefits over other delivery methods, who might benefit from taking a CBD tincture, and where to find CBD tinctures.

What are CBD oil drops?
CBD oil drops are simply raw CBD oil or isolate distilled directly from the plant and mixed into a carrier oil. Nerd alert: typically, in the pharmacy space, tinctures are alcohol-based, but in the cannabis world, they are usually oil-based. You can find alcohol-based tinctures occasionally, though, because alcohol helps the CBD move through membranes. This difference makes them an excellent choice for people with alcohol sensitivities.

What Are The Benefits of CBD Oil Drops?
CBD oil drops are more bioavailable than other delivery forms (except vaping and smoking, but those forms don’t last long, and they are horrible for your lungs). The distribution is more systemic than topicals, and tinctures avoid the first-pass effect, meaning they bypass the liver. They are also more bioavailable than gummies—you get a higher percentage of the medication in your bloodstream and save some money, too!

They are longer-lasting than inhaled products but not as long-lasting as edibles, so they are better if you want something in the middle. See our guide to Easy CBD Dosing
CBD oil drops can be discreet. You can get them in small bottles and syringes, so they’re easy enough for anyone who needs them on the go. They also offer precise doses if the company you order from is clear about the amount of CBD in each serving.

Who Might Benefit From Taking CBD Oil Drops?
People trying to avoid smoking or vaping and want fast relief could benefit from CBD oil drops. Also, many people find the taste of CBD objectionable, so oil drops can be a way to avoid that. Many of them come in delicious flavors, which makes them more pleasant to use.

Where To Find CBD Oil
Some people go to a CBD dispensary for their CBD, but most prefer ordering online–especially if your state does not yet have dispensaries or only has medical marijuana. But you must research before buying from any site because there are many scams out there trying to take advantage of you! Always ask for a certificate of analysis (COA) so that you know exactly what you’re putting in your mouth. If the company doesn’t want to give you one, there’s a reason–don’t walk away, run!

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